Baby Winter Clothing Haul

Guys, I am so excited to share this post with you today. Durban moms, this is for you! You know when you are preparing for a change of season and you realise… EEEEKK!! I need some more clothes for my kids… Enter the Baby Winter Clothing Haul! This post is about one of my all time favourite shopping spots for kids clothing.

Good To Know

I want to give you a quick bit of background info, in case you are new here or maybe you just need to be filled in on our situation again.

My husband and I live off of his one salary, which at this point, isn’t enough to cover all of our bills. Yet, somehow every month, we have enough money for what we need. We live by the motto “We have enough for today” and trust in God’s provision for the days to come. So far, so good! God has been 100% faithful to us, particularly in the last 14 months. But, I’m sure you can imagine, there isn’t any money for luxury items and frivolous things. And that is why I get so darn excited about the company I am sharing with you today.

Creative Juices

Creative Juices is a home based company that sells pre-loved baby and children’s clothes. Their clothes are high quality (think brand names) and they are in amazing condition at even better prices. You just know, if it suits my budget it is worth a mention! I have bought from them 3 times in the past. The first time I bought some maternity clothing for myself (not sure if she still does this) and then the second time was when Noo was about 4 months old. We needed to stock up on some warm baby grows and things like that. The Baby Winter Clothing Haul was the third time I have shopped at Creative Juices. I just love using their business.

Creative Juices hasn’t paid me to advertise or write this post for them. I am just SO in love with their little company and I believe in their product so much that I wanted to share it with you and support them as much as I can.

So, at the start of Autumn, I contacted Tracey and asked her if I could pop in to see what she had available for Winter. She let me into her house with 10 minutes notice! I kid you not! What an amazing lady.

Baby Winter Clothing Haul

I managed to get 6 great items of clothing for under R300!!! Here is the proof, and wait until you see the items!



Seriously! How amazing are these clothes! We have above:

  • A Little Rebel fleece top with suede elbow patches and pocket. It is so soft and so warm. I loved this top from the minute I laid eyes on it. I’m not sure whether I believe in love at first sight, but this came pretty close!
  • A Maui Hoodie with skulls and some other interesting graphics.
  • A Guess knitted jersey. This jersey is light and it is great for those warmer winter days. Seriously, under R50! Speechless!
  • A pair of beige Cords with a belt detail. Again, this was crazy value for money.
  • Two pairs of Jeans. The blue is from Woolworths and grey is from Baby Gap. These are basically brand new.
So Easy

My boy has 3 “brand new” brand name outfits for winter and they cost me less than R300 in total. Seriously, it’s that easy!

Creative Juices doesn’t just sell ordinary clothing. Yes, they have some everyday items, but more often than not, you can buy something special from them. It’s really not a place to shop for plain T-Shirts or shorts (although they do keep stock of that too).

Creative Juices is my go to shop for kids clothing and it will be for years to come! They stock clothes from newborn up to age 11. We all know how fast little ones out grow their clothes. It is such a waste to spend heaps of money on new clothes when they wont fit in 6 months time, so that is why I love shopping with them. You get items of great value and you only spend a small amount of money!

Head over to Tracey’s Facebook page and send her some love. You can browse through some of her stock from there as well! Happy Shopping ladies!





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