Birthday Book Haul

Our little monster had his first birthday in March and he was given some money as a gift. He needed some new reading material quite badly and so we went off to Bargain Books and did this little Birthday Book Haul! I wanted to give you a quick review of each of the books and tell you how well (or not ) they are going down.

We managed to buy 6 books for just under R400, which I think is excellent! Well done Bargain Books! I was specifically looking for books that would keep N’s attention. He won’t sit and listen to a story yet so the books had to be interactive and attractive to him.

Birthday Book Haul

Nursery Rhymes – Priddy Books

I bought this book for a bit later on when I want to teach N his nursery rhymes. It has thick board pages and what looks like “stitching” around the pictures. They are raised little bumps. Nursery Rhymes comes with a CD so we can play all the little songs to him as well. (Which was a great idea until I heard the CD – I’m not sure that I can put up with that noise going through my ears for too long.)

I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about this book. It has sweet pictures and rhymes for him for the moment. I thought it would be wonderful, but I’m not sure that I am as totally in love with it as I thought I would be.

Also, as a side note and not relevant to this post AT ALL, I was genuinely surprised by the PG content in some of the old nursery rhymes. There are children being whipped and men being thrown out of ladies bedrooms and down the stairs. Wow! It’s funny how you don’t notice things like that when you are a kid? Oh well… moving on.

Find My Spade! – Frances Lincoln Children’s Books

Now this book is an absolute winner in our house. N loves, loves, loves it! The little girl in the story wants to build a sand castle but can’t find her spade. It is a lift the flap book and so we look for the spade inside the bag and under the beach towel, and a few other places too. It’s SO sweet and N loves lifting up the flaps. Winner!

I also am really happy that the pictures are of real objects, not cartoon images. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for the other books in this series.

Toy Story Counting Time – Parragon

Again, this book is a winner. It is definitely one of N’s favourite books, although I have no idea why? Toy Story is not an interactive book but it does rhyme and it has beautiful pictures of the characters from Toy Story. N loves me to read this one to him. He stays engaged and I think it is because of the lovely bright pages and images.

It will also be great later on when we are teaching him to count. It goes through the numbers and has objects to count for 1 – 5.

Hello Pooh, Hello Piglet – Dean (Egmont)

I must be honest with you, I bought this book because I don’t feel like any children’s book shelf is complete without a Winnie the Pooh book on it. This is a sweet little story. Each page features one of the characters from Winnie the Pooh and what they love to do. I haven’t made it through the book with N yet. It is quite boring for him at the moment and has no opportunities for interaction! So, hopefully in the future he will be more inclined to listen to the story.

On the plus side, we got it at a reduced price because the corners were a little bent over. I don’t mind at all because after a couple of months on our shelf it would probably be looking like that anyway.

The Hare and the Tortoise – Meadowside Children’s Books

I couldn’t resist this one! My dad used to tell us Aesop’s Fables at bedtime when we were growing up and I wanted to have one of the stories on the shelf for when N gets a little bigger. It is a sweet story with cute illustrations. We can get through this one if I make funny voices and sounds while I tell it.

Colours – Priddy Books

This one is awesome and I suspect that it will continue to be awesome, especially when we are trying to teach N his colours. The book is broken into sections (food, animals, toys etc.) and each section has real life pictures of everyday items. Underneath the image is the name and colour, for example, Orange Carrot.

It also has tabs that you can pull out with more hidden objects on them. N enjoys this book, even if it is just to pull out the tabs in the meantime. The tabs are really heavy duty and I expect that they will last quite long. This book was a great purchase.

That’s All Folks

So, there you have it. Our Birthday Book Haul! It was such fun choosing these books for N. Books always make such a beautiful gift for children. I can’t wait to get the next round!

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  1. missymillspaugh

    I miss toddler books. My children are much, much older but we still have variations of these books on our books shelves. I can’t bare to part with them. Hoping they will be for the grands in a few years.

    I love any book with a Disney character in it.

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