Home Hacks from South African Moms

Today’s post is a collaborative effort from four South African mom bloggers, myself included. Hooray for SA talent! Whoop whoop! These mom’s have come together on my page to share their secret home hacks. They have each used these in their homes and it makes their homes run more smoothly. Don’t we all need that! It has been great working with these ladies and I am so glad that they get to feature here.

So, lets get right into it.

Judy Dooley – Fun Mamma SA

As the mom of 7 gorgeous children aged 25 to 5 months, trying to stay organised in our home has at times proved challenging.

When my children were 11, 9, 8, 7, 3 and newborn and I decided to start colour co-ordinating everything from bath towels to school bags and mugs. Each child had their own colour.

Over Christmas I’d wrap their gifts in their colour coded paper so they could see which ones Santa bought for them and at Easter they hunted with their colour bucket for their own colour egg.

Not only did they learn to identify and look after their own property, but this curbed any fights and helped introduced colour recognition to the younger children.

Taryn Dekel – No pennies For My Thoughts

I am mom to a gorgeous girl and wife to an amazing man. My secret weapon is baby wipes. I don’t know how I lived without them. My daughter is turning five this year and yet, I always have a stash in the house but they’re never used on babies.

If you haven’t discovered the cleaning miracle that is baby wipes… you’re not living.
  • Make up remover (the wipes intended for this cost more)
  • Bathroom sink cleaner (In between proper cleaning of course)
  • Cabinet duster (great for people like me who are allergic to dust)
  • Quick and safe rat cage cleaner
  • Cleaning minor spills and sticky spots in tiles (because who has time to grab the mop for a small spill?)
You’re welcome!


Shaveh Feder – Feder Fun

There’s only one part of my home that I can truly call mine and that’s my wardrobe. Nobody can mess in there, no one can leave what ever they want lying in it. I get to keep it the way I want it to be and it’s my only source of controlled tranquility (because being surrounded by kids in training, doesn’t make tranquility happen often.)

So my secret is that I colour co-ordinate my wardrobe, and box and label my shoes. It’s not perfect or as neat as I’d like, due to space constraints – but I’ve worked with what I have.

Jodi Lundt – PhatBUMZ

Living on a tight budget means that you have to be wise with EVERY SINGLE CENT that you spend. I use these two apps to make sure that I am getting enough bang for my buck.

My Shoppi makes sure that I stay on track with what goes into my trolley. If it’s not on the list, it doesn’t go in. This means I have to be super organised before I go to the shops, but it is worth it. This app has a huge amount of functionality that I just don’t use, but I love it anyway. It even has the option of sending your shopping list to someone. This is such a great feature when for when you need to send hubby to the shops in an emergency.

SNAPnSAVE gives me money back for all the items that I purchase. (Yes – you read that correctly – they give me money back for buying my groceries! SCORE!!!) I can’t recommend this app enough. I have told all of my friends about it and now I am telling all of you, my readers. Over the time I have been using it I have accumulated a total of R223.90 using this app. WOW! If you sign up, please use my promo code, and I will be forever grateful. Jodil103

So there you have it. Four home hacks that will make your life easier, from moms around the country. Hop on over to their blogs and take a look at what they are writing about too.


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