14 Day Meal Plan


“What’s for dinner?”   Mom’s favourite question…..EVER!

I know this is something that is always at the top of every wife and mom’s mind. “What should I make for dinner?” “What are we going to eat tonight?” “I’m so bored of the usual dinners, lets have something different!” Do you want a two week break from making a meal plan and having to think about what to cook? If you do, this meal planner is for you!

This week I did a bit of research into what my subscribers want from me and I was so glad to get their feedback. Here are their results:

The most asked for printables were for Children and Family.

As you can see, almost 90% of my readers wanted a meal plan.

So that is what I did!

I got to work right away and created this 14 Day Meal Plan. You’re welcome! It has 14 dinner ideas and some of them even have links to recipes, which makes your lives even easier. Bonus! There is also space for you to write out your shopping list for the two weeks.

This is a great resource for busy moms who need some meal ideas without having to do the thinking. And it’s totally FREE!!!

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How easy was that!

I don’t spam my mailing list, I promise! My subscribers are the reason that I have my blog and I am so grateful for every one of them!

Looking forward to having you join the PhatBUMZ community.

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