5 Valentine’s Date Nights

If you have been a reader here for any length of time, you know that my husband and I live on a TIGHT budget. It’s so tight that sometimes its almost non existent…ha ha ha (nervous laugh!). But does that mean that we can’t celebrate Valentines Day? Hells No is the answer to that!

Here are our top 5 ideas for celebrating Valentines Day this year. These ideas are particularly for those people whose wallets are filled with moths, those on a super strict budget with no money to spend, or maybe, you are just in the mood for a simple, fuss free night with your loved one.

#1 Make Dinner Together

It is so nice to spend quality time with your spouse, especially when you are doing an activity together, even if it is just making dinner. This is a winner in our house. Send the kiddies off to bed, pour yourselves a drink or make some tea/coffee and then cultivate your culinary skills.

#2 Take a Crash Course on Youtube

Whether you want to learn how to dance or how to give a really good massage, Youtube has all the answers. You can learn anything there, basically, your imagination is the limit.

Head Massage and Salsa

#3 Have a Picnic

Make any meal into a picnic in 2 easy steps. 1- throw down a blanket outside on the grass. 2- eat your meal on paper plates (no dishes for the win!) Nothing says romance like the wind in your hair and the smell of fresh air.

#4 Treasure Hunt

I know it sounds so cheesy, but it could actually end up being good fun. Give your spouse some clues to find and some tasks that need completing for some fun date night adventures. The Dating Divas is where you can read more on this idea. It is idea no. 4 on this page. All the hard work is already done for you. Score!

#5 Watch a Movie

Is there a movie that you have been desperate to watch lately? Hire it or stream it and watch it together. You can make popcorn and snuggle up on the couch together.


If none of these ideas sound good to you, never fear! The Divas have a massive list (140 to be precise!) of ideas. There is something there for every person and for every budget .

Don’t let low funds in the bank account spoil a day of spoiling your spouse! Your marriage is more important than that!







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