A Day In the Life of a SAHM


When I tell people I am a stay at home mom they make 2 assumptions…both of which irritate me beyond what I can explain here!

  1. Because you don’t work, you are obviously rolling in cash. You can live on one salary, so your husband must be earning bucket loads of money.
  2. You have oodles of spare time, obviously, because you don’t have a job.

Grrrr! That’s all I’m going to say. Rant over.

Today I am addressing irritating comment number 2!



Wake Up (hopefully it’s been a good night and Baby N has only woken up once overnight to feed, but not lately because he is teething, so our nights are fun and I’ll leave it at that!) N’s first feed of the day. Change N’s night nappy. Load up the washing machine and get that started. Get N settled with some toys to play with.


Start making breakfast and coffee. Most often it’s toast, but sometimes I am a bit more motivated and we have scrambled eggs or crumpets or french toast.


Eat breakfast together as a family. Feed N his breakfast and then distract him with different toys (the first lot are boring already) while I clean up after him. Everything within a 1m radius of the high chair generally needs to be cleaned once he is done.


Spend the next 30 minutes trying to get dressed, brush my teeth and do my hair while chasing N around the house, simultaneously keeping him entertained, out of the toilet and off of the tables while I try to get ready. Oh, don’t forget, he needs to get dressed and probably a nappy change by now too!


Hang the washing outside. Set up the vacuum cleaner and start vacuuming each room. This should a quick job in a small house but alas, I have a tiny human attached to my leg who is determined to pull a side table on to himself or climb onto our large wooden hippo who conveniently makes a great (…read slippery) step ladder onto a small cupboard.


Once the house is vacuumed, I start mopping the floors. I start with N’s room and outside his door because he is ready to go for a nap. The sound of the mop outside his door wakes him up (small house problems) so I have to have anywhere near his room done so he can sleep. Put him down for a nap. Finish mopping the floors. Switch on computer and do some admin work for an insurance company that I freelance for. Hopefully squeeze in time for a cup of tea here.


N wakes up. Second feed and nappy change. Back into the high chair while I organise a snack for him. He is bored in said high chair so starts moaning. Move the high chair next to the fridge so he can play with the fridge magnets while I am busy sorting out his food. Feed him his snack and then clean up the radius around him. Attempt to empty the dishwasher. It should be a quick job but N thinks it’s one of the best toys in the house so it takes longer than it should. Funnily enough, it also makes a great step ladder. I am becoming very efficient at sprinting between the cupboards and the dishwasher.


Pack nappy bag and head out to the shops to do the weekly shopping. (Today was a once off – N was playing with my wallet before we left home and I forgot to pack it in the bag. so I had no money to pay at the checkout! That was fun.)


Return from the shops. Put N down with a third set of toys and unload the groceries from the car. Start to prepare his lunch. Put him in the high chair AGAIN because he is trying to climb up onto Vicky (the hippo) AGAIN. The moaning starts and we go back to the fridge magnets. Feed N his lunch, try to steal some mouthfuls of mine too while he is eating. Another cup of tea! Mmmm and relax. After lunch, play with some educational toys and try teach N some building/stacking. Nappy change.


Nap time! Continue doing some work for the insurance company. If N is still sleeping when I am done, work on my blog (Hooray!) until he wakes up. (That’s where I am now.) Also, prep dinner during this time while he sleeps.


N wakes up. Nappy change and then we play games, sometimes in a splash pool, sometimes just on the floor. I try to teach him nose, ears, mouth etc, but to be honest, he is isn’t that interested. We sing songs and nursery rhymes, clap and laugh.


Put N in his pram and start the trek up our driveway.

I have already had a workout and I haven’t reached the gate yet! We go for a walk around our neighborhood. When we get home, I bring the washing in, fold it and pack it away. I put N down with some new toys (set number 4) while I try to finish dinner.


Husband comes home and finally I can accomplish something without having a tiny human attached to me. And all the mom’s sing “Hallelujah” Finish making dinner and eat together. N is in the high chair again and the lounge is a disaster from the fourth lot of toys. Do a quick clean of the mess radius and pack away all the toys that were scattered across the lounge.


Then it’s bath time for the little man, last feed of the day and BEDTIME! The silence is wonderful.


Hubs and I watch some TV, pack the dishwasher, clean the kitchen, shower and get ready for bed.


Once in bed, schedule some facebook posts for the next couple of days, do my daily planning for the next day, spend some time on my bible reading and then if I have any energy left, read my book or watch a bit of YouTube.


Close the eyes and get ready to do it all again tomorrow.

Despite this post being a bit longer, I hope it was a little entertaining to read. Life is not always this chaotic, but sometimes it is and it’s really good for me to learn to go with the flow a bit more. I like my systems and processes and schedules, but N is teaching me to let that stuff go!


















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