Clean Out the Clutter Challenge


It’s amazing how quickly a space can get crazy! Who was it that said “everything tends towards chaos”? They were smart! I can totally relate!

We live in a tiny house. 60m² to be precise. 3 of us with 2 dogs and a cat. When we moved into our house we had to downsize like crazy, and when I fell pregnant we had to downsize even more to make room for baby N.

There isn’t a space in our house that isn’t occupied by some kind of storage system.

That being said, if we are not careful, everything tends towards chaos! We don’t have the space to hide mess so it’s all out in the open.

I had a good look around my house the other day and decided that there were 4 areas that were desperate for a decluttering… and the Clean Out the Clutter challenge was born!

The goal of the challenge is to clean out, improve or organise 4 areas of your home in 4 weeks. It sounds like a huge job, but you can decide which areas need attention in your house and you can decide how deep into the hole you would like to jump.

I have decided that the 4 areas that I am going to tackle are:

  1. The bottom of our cupboards (shoes & bags etc)
  2. The fridge and freezer
  3. The desktop workspace
  4. The pantry cupboard

Not all of my areas are the same amount of work. The cupboards are a much bigger job than the desk, and I recently cleaned out and reorgainsed the pantry, so there are really only 1 or 2 shelves in there that need fixing, but you get the idea. You decide how hard you are going to work.

Once you have decided, let us know. Leave a comment on this post or you can post on our Facebook page. Take a before and after pic and share it with us. It’s that easy! We will make the world a cleaner place, one room at a time.
I hope you will join in on this challenge. It will hopefully transform a boring cleaning job to enjoyable fun with friends!

Let’s get our houses in order for the new year! Happy Cleaning!



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